How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC

The advantages of UEFI include a more graphical interface, the ability to boot from larger hard drives (BIOS could not boot from drives larger than 2.1TB), and more security options. Every computer has a BIOS that starts the computer. We can configure different hardware settings in BIOS. To access BIOS, press the F2, F12 or DEL keys depending upon the manufacturer of the computer. I’ve tried clearing the CMOS, checking if I needed to update any drivers, but nothing has helped. My PC works fine every other time I try to use as long as I’m not trying to access the bios.

  • If the force shutdown method is not working for you, you can opt for Windows recovery drive option.
  • The name though, appears to be a bit misleading – when attempting to try the software, we found that it does ask you to download a small package.
  • If you don’t have a dedicated PrtScn key on a tablet or laptop, you can typically use the function key to activate these capabilities in the same way.

This software is quite effective and interesting to capture the screen and many people around the world are using it frequently. The option to download it for free is a big plus apart from the other cool features present in it. When you search for how to take a long screenshot on PC, this tool awaits your presence.

Embed Video

In Windows 10 or 11, you might want to change your RAM voltage or the boot order after installing a new storage device. Going to the BIOS is a must to change all the settings. The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the program that controls the computer from the time it powers on until the time the operating system takes over.

Click on the option ‘Recovery’ from the left menu bar. You can choose to overclock both CPU and RAM to enhance performance. If it boots into Windows OK , try disabling Fast Startup and see if that allows access to BIOS on boot.

Take a full screenshot using the Print Screen key (PrtSc button)

If you choose View screen, you will only be able to see their screen, without controlling anything. When your computer restarts, check for additional updates by repeating the steps above. Repeat the process until there are no new updates in System Preferences. If you’re facing a critical error and Windows deletes all your files in the update process, don’t panic just yet. We’ve written extensively about this and our guide will surely help you get all your files back. Make sure that you’re running the latest Windows OS updates on your machine.

Check your disk for errors

Depending on what features are important to you, there’s a variety of options that can meet your needs and no reason why you shouldn’t succeed in making a great video. You can add mouse movements or animation effects while recording your screen. ScreenRec saves your Driversol Drivers screenshots and screencasts to your local hard drive. You can view these local copies whenever you need to. If you’ve just created an account, this is normal because ScreenRec wasn’t able to record in real-time.




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